I try to change the pawn that my player control but when it doesn't apply

So i’m working on a ttrpg game/software and i’m connecting my combat creation menu system to the multiplayer part (it’s a group project and so some part are not from me)

So i have my array containing all of my player info (pseudo, controller and other thing)
I’m changing from controlling the characters from top down to creating a combat encounter with a menu i created.
so i have a loop where i create the pawn that the player need to posses and i make the player un possess is current pawn and make it possess the new pawn create but when i check what is the class of the possess pawn it says it’s the previous one and not the one i ask it to posses.
Could someone help me to why it doesn’t work ?
I’m still new to UE5 most notably to the online part of it.

Possession needs to happen in the Game mode. Spawn the pawn in GM and possess.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t “need” to happen in the game mode. It must happen on the server side and the game mode is just a good candidate for that.

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