I there a way to launch a VR level from a 2d start screen?


I’ve been working on a VR game for a while now and have decided to make a menu system. I decided to make a menu system(which is essentially just a blank level with some widgets) from which the player configures the game on their monitor(in regular 2d mode) and then click play and it launches the game in VR(the VR level I made earlier).


I finished that today but the issue is that when I regularly start the VR levels, I click on the VR preview, but now the level I want to start(the main menu level) isn’t a VR one so I have to start it by just clicking play. When I start that level, it works, the settings all work and everything, but when I start the VR level from the main menu, since I didn’t preview the menu in VR, the level that’s supposed to launch in VR just launches in flat 2d mode and the camera doesn’t respond to the movement of the headset. Just to check if everything still works, I started the VR level in VR preview without first starting in the main menu and it worked fine like before.


Is there a game mode feature that I can utilize in the VR level to turn the VR option on after the level starts from the main menu which wasn’t launched in VR mode?