I recreated Epic's Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial series for UE4 4.24.3

One of the most popular tutorials/courses made by Epic was the Blueprint Multiplayer by Wes Bunn back in early 2016.

The problem is that it’s 4.5 years old now and was created for version 4.11. So, I decided to redo the entire tutorial from beginning to end for version 4.24.3.

It’s not an easy tutorial series by any means, definitely not for beginners, but by the final video, you’ll get your course packaged up for Steam and able to connect over the internet to others running the game. I’ve tested it with friends and it works. I also created a second Steam account to test it.

Anyway, I know it’s not the easiest tutorial series to follow due to how much stuff is going on, but I hope you enjoy it!…lE09TY5M4CMOwA

Does your version address any of the weaknesses outlined here?

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