I put a rect light into my scene but it is green and super bright

I used a rect light on my scene but it is green and super bright, I did not change anything, it was green when I first place it. Anyone knows why and how to fix it? And all other kinds of light are working well, I’m using version 5.0.1 in a macbook

I see your piloting a camera. Does it have a post process on it?

Thanks for your reply.
There is a post process, but it did not change anything after I deleted the post process volume. I couldn’t find out what is going on with my rect light. I even tried to recreate a new project with a blank scene, and placed a rect light, and it is also green and bright. so confused…

I have the same problem. Alo working from a Mac Computer…

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Same here. Also on Mac. Really interested in finding out what the problem is.
Watched William Faucher’s new lighting tutorial and there the Rect Light works the way it’s supposed to.

Yup. Same issue here on macOS 5.0.2 with RectLights

Same here. Intel Mac. 570X

Same here

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The solution is to change the rendering preview option. See image below

If that does not solve all the problems, change the rendering options to 32-bits. See image:

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Hi guys,

new to the forum. I ma having the same issue on iMac with Monterey. I tried both the suggestion, but with iOS previe the light has no effect whatsoever and changing to Force 32bit doesn’t solve the issue.

Try updating to UE 5.1 engine, worked for me.

I am on 5.0.3, it was the last available version when I downloaded it.