I need the message "Lighting needs to be rebuit" after the packaging to disappear in the Rift.

Greetings everyone !
How do I not display in Rift the message “Lighting needs to be rebuit”.
I typed the “disableAllscreenmessages” command to disable all messages, disappeared from the editor, but remained after rift packaging.
I made the compilation of the lights before the packaging, but I moved some objects purposely, in this way, the message evidently comes back, I want to get rid of it after the packaging because I do not want to do another compilation.

I think there’s no way to get rid of it without rebuilding the light. It’s meant to be a reminder to NOT package/cook your build BEFORE building the light. So, making it disappear would contradict its purpose. Why not just rebuild the light?

I have some essential models on the scene that are not accepting the UVW correction and insist on staining. I tried everything, increase lightmap value of the mesh, redo the Uvs and was not successful, the solution was to move it, however we know of the consequences in the loss of this lightmap calculation.