I need some help?

Hello, I am very new to unreal engine, and have been watching as many tutorial as I can on using unreal engine. I have some ideas on some games, and have seen some concept videos on youtube, So far though no tutorials on how to use a 2D sprite in a 3D environment. Everything I can find is always in reference to a 2D side scroller on 3D platforms. Here is a video of what I would like to do.
Any help would be appreciated not sure I’m even posting this in the right section. Again thanks for any help…

If you’re starting with a 2d template, you need to go into the pawn/character’s class settings and unconstrain the movement. Then build a new movement input direction into the blueprint.

Thanks for the help, I’ve figured a little more out, from the time I posted this. I have a new question now, I’ve worked out most of the movement in a 3D world. Now I’m trying to lock out movie diagonally, Everything is moving fine for WASD but when any combination is pressed the sprite freaks out trying to play both animations. I need a way to override the old key press with the new one or lock it in the x and y axis.

In project settings, > inputs, duplicate the axis mappings to the action mappings (you only need the movefoward and moveright inputs; forward/back and left/right) and make those events fire a bool “ismovingforward?”/“ismovingright?”. Now this part is theoretical because I haven’t used sprites; When you move, check if the other bool is active, if true then apply the diagonal movement but don’t apply the new direction animation, or only apply the horizontal animation.

Thanks for the help I will give this a try and let you know if I have any sucess

If you have a project as a 3d, and your doing a sidescroller. Try to switch your camera to orthographic mode just click the camera in your characters viewport. Swipe ninja is somewhere floating around the internet. This was a 3d sprite looking game. Orthographic looks 2d, but is still 3d. Its like a 2d projection of 3d. Doesnt work well in third person, and transforming from orthographic to perspective isnt so smooth. at least for me it isnt. Unravel looks like its orthographic mode. They also made a stick figure paper 2d game. Those projects should both be in the learn tab of the launcher somewhere. They’re the best resources i’ve seen for anythig paper/2.5d/3d ish