i need little help here

hi guys am new to unreal engine and lately I was working on Arch project for a hall of swimming pool but after all the setup I faced three main problems
1- matinee movies when am trying to export as AVI or even jpg there is a lot of noise like the Anti-aliasing is not working and I checked back the post processing volume and turned Anti-aliasing AA on but still I have a lot of noise.
2-lighting building (I set the lighting sampling for the main hall walls and ceiling to 4096 pixel and light building to Production and still I doesn’t look clean)
3-swimming pool water material (is there any way I can turn caustic on?)

attached an image from matinee rendering to see all the problem I had


I think you need to ensure that your Post Process Volume isn’t being overriden by other Post Process Volumes ie. set your PPV to a much higher priority, that ensures it doesn’t get overriden (besides ticking “Unbound”).

When recording from Matinee to Movie (frame by frame PNG) ensure your Post Process Volume AA is TXAA and try Screen Percentage 200% (a kind of SSAA).

Or, you can record Matinee to frame by frame PNG at say 4K then create resized movie using ffmpeg at 2K, etc.

I used TXAA, Screen Percentage 100%, and Matinee frame by frame PNG 4K, then used ffmpeg to create mp4 then upload to YouTube for the 4K videos* at:

*One video is not 4K but 2K recorded using Open Video Broadcaster out of Apple Keynote downscaled to 1080p.

Check out the Lightmass settings in the ArchiViz section, those guys know the best settings :slight_smile:

1- Use shadowplay to record and avoid all problems (if you have a nvidia card), Otherwise try what srmojuze said.

2- 4096 will take too much memory, the problem is your ceiling is too big for a single lightmap. Break it in several parts, maybe 3 or 4 and try with a 1024 resolution on each parts. But we also need to know what are your lightmass settings! Can you share 'em?

3- You have to fake caustics with a light function. This is a way of doing it : Because unreal cannot calculate caustics in real-time!

Here are my caustics :slight_smile: and the most important lightmass settings. Most of my lightmaps are 1024 or less, with a couple exceptions at 2048.

Static lighting level scale. Use carefully, the lower the better but not too low and it will increase build time the most (from my testings) I use between .85 and .95
It helps a lot for contact shadows.

Bounces set to 100, doesn’t cost extra build time.

Indirect lighting quality. 1-3 is too low. Over 5 is where you will get good quality lighting and shadows. I use 10 on all projects now.

Smoothness. I’m not 100% sure what it does but going lower than 1 seems to help getting higher quality. Again for detailed shadows.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: now I did all the changes and waiting for the light building process to finish to see if the problem solved or no

I don’t know really how can I thank you for everything specially the caustic tutorial I did it and it was amazing
For the other parts am building the light right now to see if it’s fixed and if it worked I will try the shadowplay to record but am not sure if it will work as my NVIDIA card is Quad 4000

Are you seeing the AA problem during or after recording? And is Engine Scalability Settings set to Epic?

Yeah @Polaris @heartlessphil my Shadowplay is still broken on my Nvidia 660M. :frowning:

great guys thanks a lot :smiley: the light build was really better than before and the AA now is working and everything is good and right now am trying to export as a movie from matinee but I need small help now cause I think the file little heavy as when I play the game I feel little slow in motion but still maybe in the output be better than in the editor :slight_smile:

what do you guys mean with Engine Scalability Settings set to Epic

it was during the test and after too

:smiley: the exported video was really good and there is no any slow or frame fall thank you all for your efforts :slight_smile:

Awesome. Is the video public?

maybe in the end of this week I will put it on youtube :slight_smile:

I added ‘‘faked’’ reflections to my pool water…that could look good on your’s too maybe.

It’s really easy to do actually.

wow that’s really nice :smiley: how did you make it exactly ? for sure I need to add it :slight_smile:

ok friends now you can checkup the video here

still not the final specially for the pool water :slight_smile: