I need help with subsurface profile

It’s my first time here and also my first time trying real time rendering, i mostly work with vray and arnold so i’m new to UE, my issue here is that the SSS doesn’t even look like it’s penetrating the surface as you can see from the screenshot (the diffuse and normal look harsh) usually the SSS role is to soften the surface but not in my case for some reason, so it would mean a lot if someone could help me.

Please take a look at the screenshot and tell me what i’m doing wrong, much appreciated.


It seems you need some tweaks in Subsurface Profile asset. Try
Scatter Radius 0.85
Subsurface color (R=0.915000,G=0.751650,B=0.603900,A=1.000000)
Falloff Color (R=1.000000,G=0.433000,B=0.370000,A=1.000000)

Increase opacity in the material.
Actually sss is there, try to disable it in Show-Lighting Features-Subsurface Scattering, and you’ll see the difference. Don’t expect super quality comparable with offline renders. In ue4 it’s a post process effect=fake, there is no true raytracing solution for it yet