I need help with Height Maps

Hello people, this is my first time on this forum and i’m pretty new on UE4. I’m using Substance Designer to create my snow texture (i followed this tutorial ) and it is quite similar. I can see my heights on the preview and seems fine.
I followed like 7 tutorials trying to import it to UE but it looks flat, and i have no idea how to make it look like the one at the Designer…
I tried to use tesallation and bumpmaps but i can’t figure it out…
Can someone guide me please?

Is this what you are looking for?

Exactly that, but when i do it with my texture and landscape it works really weird… I also tried to do it with this texture Cobblestone Arches 002 - Poliigon but it wont work :confused:
I tried using world displacement and THAT config didnt work fine to me :confused: