I need help, I think I'm entitled to it


I am wanting to accomplish something simple in the unreal engine. It is simply that a player and enemy respond to a hit. an example would be a punch in the face pushing the head back. I’ve looked at all your info both in videos and in the forums. The physical assset in your conent example is not helpful, as it is plagued by so many additions to it. I’ve spent alot of money with you guys. Look at my history and you will see.Please help with this, as nobody has, and is ignored on the forums. I’ve been focusing for 3 whole days for about 12 hours each day to get this right. I jjust can’t figure it out… Please help a supportive loyal customer whom nobody will answer questioins anywhere, even the fourms.

Your post was less than 12 hours ago, and it’s a holiday week, you have to wait for a response. From what I can tell, what you want isn’t a standard feature, you can have it play an animation when a player gets hit but getting a realistic physical simulation on a body part is more than that. You would need something like IKinema

and this
part 1
part 2

You might consider the Udemy UE4 courses that are out there… I’ve spent countless hours watching tutorials and then trying them out… That’s what’s fun… learning!


I own 3 big courses there. None of them address my issue. I have a feeling that Epic games may be protecting large video game companies by making it difficult to react to hits. Who knows

I’m not sure if this could help you. I came across it one day, and its interesting. the assisted partial targeting system.
I use the same system as recoil for my hits. So it just shakes the camera. Nothing fancy.
this system actually separates body parts.

Just continue learning, UE4 can be overwhelming at the beginning. But there’s not that crazy difficult to apply physics impulse or hit animation on hit. Keep working and make great game :slight_smile:


We implemented something like the behaviour you describe using our full body IK solver. It’s completely procedural and could be modified in any number of ways.

The actual set up isn’t too tricky (we have a tutorial posted on the video description ^^). We also have a demo map featuring it (and a free trial) if you wanted to get your hands on the blueprints.

A common misconception with forums and people who are new to them, is that people post here and expect a response. That’s not the way they work I’m afraid.

The fact that the engine exists in the public domain at all, let alone for free(!) completely contradicts this statement. People forget how lucky they are to have access to these tools.

If you’re struggling with something, my advice is to take a step back or try something else. Nothing in this industry comes for free, you get out what you put in.

This tutorial series is from UE 4.8 so there might be some stuff that is different in newer engines, but it should all work the same (make sure to look at the documentation for any changes: In this tutorial series, Wes from Epic goes over lots of stuff, but also addresses setting up animation montages that allows the Third Person Template character to throw punches.

Tutorial Series:

and this
part 1
part 2[/QUOTE]

You will also want to look at these links that were posted earlier by Duffte as this will help you get the head bobbing/push back that you require.

You now have every single thing you need in order to get your project working the way you want it.

Sounds like you are suffering a bit of burn out. Maybe have short break, recharge and re-evaluate and come back. It is probably healthy to have something else in your life other than game development (to all those that have nothing - just saying ;)).

I understand why you would say that. However I was a paying customer before the software was made free. And I have spent thousands of dollars in the marketplace. Something being in public not really true if buried.

Thank you guys. Its 6 videos though. funkinessfactor you are probably right, I am burnt. I don’t really know why I’m the only one bothered by barebones documentation. Oh well, I’ll try to wait a few weeks and rest and delay some work. Or maybe one video a day. I’m sure they could do a 10 min video showing a basic version, but since I don’t know how it works, I suppose I don’t know. I am dissapointed with Epic games, but not you guys, thank you guys very much for the help.

Thanks for the response. BananaKing932 I’m sure you meant well but telling me to watch a 22 video series that shows me how to throw punches, which of course I would know as anyone would by this point and then telling me, Oh yeah and watch this guys videos to for the hit, which was what i asked for, is far far from “to get yourprojectworking the way you want” is a bit like telling me to answer a specific question, read an encyclopedia topic dealing with a general idea and that guarntees the more specific idea will be there. I’m not sure if you were being condecending or not…

. In those links with the videos of
Unrealty Simon, have any of you guys watched it. He first starts out saying “hey i did stuff an another video so go see that first”. Then in the whole video after repeated mistakes(what happened to preparing before teaching?) in the first video of 2(not one) the topic isn’t even started on reactions. So you tell me I’m unreasonable, you throw links at me, one being of an unorganized, sarcastic guy with a heavy accent? Um, how I did know right away this wouldn’t help is dumb on my part.

At the end of one video, someone rightly asks “Is it possible to make a reaction to the hits by montage?” What a surprise. Epic has let me down. I’m sorry but you guys have let me down. Someone take me from this planet.

First off stop with the whole, poor me, no one is answering my questions. No one wants to help someone who believes they are entitled to receive help. No one is required to help, or even talk to you. Just because you spent money, as most of us have, that means nothing. You are not entitled to anything.

The physical animation map in the content example project from the launcher has nothing extra it has only the physical animation stuff. The 1.2 example has exactly what you need.
If you can’t figure out the simple setup from the content examples, i don’t know what to tell you. Learn about the engine more i guess.


I’m starting to think your a troll.


I don’t know how much you have watched my posts. In general, software companies acknowledge the right of the consumer to a fair amount of support, even just a minimal amount. Yes its true, I cannot force anyone to do anything. Entitlement can be used in both postive or negative ways.

If it is as plain as you say in the 1.2 example, don’t you think that the responses so far would be different? I’m sorry you think I’m a troll. I am not. Sometimes with criticism there can be a fine line.

If demanding help, after being ignored as can be seen on post history, and spending money on software in the thousands is to much to ask for, then so be it. I don’t know how many support your attitude at Epic Games, but I hope its not too many, assuming the cold reply. I won’t bother you any more.

There is a system like you want in Robo Recall, you can download that and see how they did it and mimic the basic functionality. A short clip here of the physical animation:

He might not be polite but he does have a point there.

Unreal Engine 4 is far from free for commercial use. The 5% royalty fee has to be paid to use the engine by everyone publishing anything commercially.

The lack of clear updated documents explaining everything like it was with the at the time expensive UDK that only medium and large software houses were able to afford paying the license for surely doesn’t help single freelancers and very small software houses using UE4 for their projects.

Medium and large software houses can keep paying a custom license for UE4 so they get quick prioritized support from Epic Games like with UDK, no?

Obviously if the documents for UE4 are still lacking and many things are not fully explained and detailed then some people might think that only those paying a lot of money for the custom license like it was with UDK are getting the needed info instead. I hope that is not the case but money is money so I wouldn’t be surprised. Still it would be a bad mistake to not release full update documents to everyone so including very small “indie” developers.

Well I am single freelancer developer at my first game project and I spent a couple thousands dollars on the UE4 marketplace for assets … surely I am not paying hundreds of thousands of dollars nor millions like medium and large software houses can for custom licenses but if I have to struggle with outdated documents and a lot of undocumented stuff forcing to read the whole source code just to figure something out then it is rather difficult if not just impossible to complete a project in the hope to be able to create a small or medium software house later on and for every single developer or small software house not paying royalties to Epic Games because they can’t complete their own project due to lack of clear updated documents it is Epic Games losing money first and so having customers that would stop buying assets on the marketplace and would never be able to pay the royalties. And I don’t think that is Epic Games goal. Helping the small ones to become richer is Epic Games best bet on the market if they want to gain market share from competitors…even if that could take a few years.

I agree with much of what you said. I’m just looking at the assets I’ve purchased(besides when there was a subscription fee) and its in the thousands. One thing also that has bothered me is that there are a lot of questions that are pretty basic, and when you search them, you see that nobody has helped them. So you can’t learn always from them. And a lot of the questions are about issues with the upgrades. The upgrades are added at a much faster rate then the documentation. I thinkk that’s why, if you’ve noticed, a lot number of things are discovered regarding how to use a feature from a user who has put so much time and effort. And if you watch the team videos, they need a bit more focus and less socializing and going on tangents. I don’t know what most people here do for a living. But to have to watch many of them only to find out that they basically skipped your issue is disconcerting. The reason I was not polite is because I was constantly asking questions, and being constantly ignored. If you have little documentation on something, and then are ignored, or simply told to watch a half dozen video links it feels like nobody cares. This was so much better before it was free. Maybe the subscription model was for the better ad moderated the pace better. I have to admit, I am puzzled by the documentation. cyaoeu, I’ve looked at it, and as a place to start learning its very difficult. There is nowhere that allows you to progressively learn the concepts used in the making of the game. And if you don’t know C++ forget about it. I know my comments are not welcomed. I figured a lot of people are probably having the same problems I am having but probably even have less free time to learn by deconstruction of elements that already exist in an advanced form. I think I’m going to stop here. l don’t want to be banned from the forum. If any other users are braver then me to bring issues, I wish you luck. I hope you will not be made to feel like I deserve nothing like above. Take care.