I need help creating a finish line in paper 2D sidescroller

I am creating a game as a school project and i really need to learn how to create a finish line that once crossed, will disable input, and bring a screen that says, YOU WON or something. Please help

Put a trigger volume where you want the finish line to be. That will allow you to create an OnActorBeginOverlap event in the level blueprint for that volume. From that event, create an end-of-level widget and add it to viewport. You can then use the disable input node using the controller of player 0 and targeting the player character to disable all movement input.

Please can you explain again, step by step with screenshots? Please?

Sorry but I’m not going to step you through it that closely if you’re being assessed on it at school. But if you’re confused about any of the terms I used, go ahead and search for information about them.

Im not being assessed on it, im a high school sophomore, voluntarily doing this project out of my curiosity of the subject, and minor encouragement of teachers. In no way am i learning about this is school, or even speaking of it. Please help?

Here yah go once processed… its up


Trigger box = Gameover