I need an ingame radar

I need a tested and true ingame radar system for multiplayer that does not require reinvention to get it to work.
It has the show up in the upper right hand corner of the game screen.
I need it to show enemies and players.
Any ideas?
I currently have this but it does not show up in the packaged game.

No idea if or how it functions with replication, but the tried and true way is to use a scene capture component that moves with the player and is way up in the sky, thus able to pinpoint things ahead.

Normally you apply a post process material to the scene capture, and you filter out what it can capture - limiting it to terrain and players so Trees/foliage/houses/cars isn’t captured.

An even creepier solution is to create a copy of the map as a flat surface with a render of the map as the material, and screen capture that while using the player x/y locations to position blips or objects.
normally those are disabled in game and visible in the scene capture.

That’s the only ways I am aware of. There’s probably more solutions.

You could literally just make a material that takes player coordinates into account to render if you are serving the map server side this may be preferable, it would have a tendency to go off sync compared to a render target though. Maybe someone else can give you better Multiplayer only ideas.

Hi, would be no difference in multiplayer cause I assume you want each player to have its own radar and not all radars showing the same, therefore its fully local and not replicated.

The Widget side can all be done Clientside for sure. And using a SceneCapture2D/RenderTexture should mean you can get away without much replication. But for a Texture / Material Radar, you’ll still need authoritative positions for all the enemy actors (Server AI and remote Clients). Even if you skip this, you still need working references to all the other players to create enemy locations on the map (and for any vehicles / pickups added later). That’s easy enough though, as they can all be replicated as actor arrays etc, and stored in somewhere like GameState etc.

I already have a radar that works perfectly the way that I need it to in the editor but It does not show up in the packaged game.
I also need a way to get it to stay in the upper right corner of the screen no matter what screen resolution is.
I am new to UE and have no idea how to get the radar to show up in the built game.
What I need is a tutorial that tells step by step with no extra information on how to get such an asset working without assuming that the user has experience in the engine.
I just don’t want to spend money on any more assets that do not work.

So far I have been informed that it can be done.
I know that.
What I don’t know is how to get the radar to show up in the packaged game.

We have no idea what you are working with, so we can’t really be of much help.

Do you have the radar added to the player’s hud on your project?
are you using a particular marketplace product that you should maybe request implementation videos from the auther of?

I am still pretty new to UE and adding the radar to the hud is a bit of a mystery.
I have watched uncounted videos and none of them do exactly what I am trying to do.
They always get to a point where the information given is of no help.
My game is third-person multiplayer.
I need the radar to sit in the upper right of the screen.
It shows up when the game is run in the editor.
Support from the author has run its course.
I offered money to have him get it working for me and he said that it is simple and said that I do not know how to follow instructions.
He really did go much further then many people would have to try to get it to work.
I am using this asset.
The setup video is here. How To Use 2d Radar - YouTube
As you can see it does not touch on third-person multiplayer with the radar in the upper right corner of the screen.

What other information is needed to help a guy out?

I would suggest you make sure that your game mode for the published version/map and the game mode you are testing in PIE match.

Also, you say you are new to UE, but apparently you already have a working project? That’s just confusing to me. Generally people who are new don’t start out with multiplayer setups.

As far as the video goes, I mean, the guy is literally setting it up on a copy of the 3rd person character BP. But this is not for the HUD.
The part you should follow is this one: https://youtu.be/YW29Gk9H3Xs?t=106
You seem to have most of it within your code. I can only assume that your finished game uses a different character then the one you created for testing.

Forget Multiplayer for a moment. Also forget the placement. All of that can be handled after you successfully manage to publish - by which i mean you actually package the project and can successfully test and load the widget.
Whether the widget works or not is also a separate issue.
Get the hud to work first, worry about the actual widget later.
and after that, worry about replication - note that as the people above stated, that’s not necessarily even required.

That is the setup video that the vendor made.
It does not cover adding the widget to the hud for 3rd person.
It looks like it does but the results are what I have now.
The widget is working perfectly when tested in the editor.
All I have to do is get the widget to show in a packaged game.
I am sure that the answer is something simple.
I just don’t know what it is.
I can package the game just fine in and it works perfectly in multiplayer except for the radar widget.

In what menu is the game mode settings and how can I tell if they match?
I only ask that you do not tell me that you won’t tell that me that because I need to learn more first.
The only way to learn is to do even if it seems a little advanced.
Learning only comes from sharing information.

I found the game mode settings and have verified that the mode in the “World Settings” and the “Project settings” are both set to “GamePlayGM”. Just one less thing to worry about.

Ok, good. Could you possibly have changed the default pawn that the Game Mode sets up to a different one in order to get the radar tested?

The player character is one of 8 chosen from a menu. Anyone of them can be used. The default UE player mesh is the base character and BP for the other 8. If I make a change to that character it affects all of the others. In the project settings “Default Pawn Class” is set to the correct base pawn that controls the other 8. I hope that is what you meant.
As a side note, the level runs perfectly in PIE and nothing else. I figured that was a clue but could find no info to follow it up.

I now have the radar showing up in a packaged game.
It also shows up in the lobby and the settings menus.

Well, to begin with, we need to know what you did that managed to get it working in the packaged game.
It’s likely you added the widget creation on something that was not part of the player character BP - maybe the Game Mode since it shows across several other widgets.

You most definitely need to initialize this widget only when necessary - ei: the player loads in - onbeginplay.

Possibly, you could also delay it’s spawning with a Delay node - if say, you wanted it to load slightly after the player starts to exist. It really all depends on the need and the setup.