I made a fluid 3D Explosion in Maya how do I make it so i can add it into my UE4 project?

as the title says help please ASAP! 6c7def1fbe9e4b483bbcffa80e684d2296b460cb.jpeg 3839b4aa144668b7e25e796f23d5d2b8c8454354.jpeg

I know you can do it. I did a quick seach on the wiki and found this How to import fluid animation 100% prebaked - UE4 AnswerHub I know there is a vid I think too about making Fluid Particle Systems for UE4 and Maya.

it doesnt say anything in there about Maya thou, and i am using only Maya and ue4 but thank you and if you find anything else please let me know.

That’s a pretty significantly sized effect from the looks of it. But the approach used for the Infiltrator demo was slicing the simulation and creating custom shaders.

It’s really difficult to try and use a fluid sim from another program, you can’t use it directly. What Epic did for the Infiltrator demo was render an explosion to slices and then rebuild it with particles in UE4, but it only looks good from one direction.

so should i just remake it in cascade ?

Short answer is yes.

I’ve been working on a way to get maya fluids into UE4. I’ve not been able to work on it recently but plan to soon. I got it half working.

This is a maya fluid explosion that I was able to get rendering using cascade particles to render based of off 3d uvs that the material bounds node provides. then I did some uv math to index into the z slices of a texture atlas of the 3d explosion.

Is there a tutorial on how to achieve this? Also have you made any progress on this particular technique since 2014?