I Keep Getting Unknown Cook Errors and at a Loss of What to Do

I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me out here.

I’ve been working on this small game for a university project for a few days and finished it yesterday. I went to package it, but I’m getting an unknown cook error. I’m not sure why I’m getting as everything appears to be fine when played through the editor. I altered the settings as they should be, maps have been correctly assigned, lighting individually built, but nothing is working.

I’ve only just begun using UE4 properly, so I’m technically a novice, hence my confusion here.

Here’s a link underneath for it. Hopefully, it’s viewable.

(Removed non-functioning link)

Above is the error log. Apologies about the wall of text. I would have attached something, but apparently that’s out of the question for new users, even though I’ve had this account for a little over a year, but whatever.

I hope this can get sorted and thank you in advance.

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Hi @anonymous_user_3e442106! Looks like you posted a link to a file located locally on your PC. If you could post your log I am sure it would shed more light on your situation. In the meantime, I would check your .ini files and see if you have duplicate values, and also check and make sure you don’t have a plugin’s folder for both your project and your engine.

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Well, I’m an idiot :joy:

I’ll have to do it by linking a post on my OneDrive since I can’t attach images for some reason:

Error Log

Hopefully, it’s viewable that way.

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Alright, @anonymous_user_3e442106, after talking a look you have another error further up you have an error with your OVRPlugin.dll via Failed to load ‘OVRPlugin.dll’ (GetLastError=126). This would cause an Unknown Cook Failure. I found a similar feed with a fix that may work for you!

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I followed the link and it lead to a rabbit hole of topics talking about icons not working. I haven’t altered any icons, all that I’ve done is create three levels. Also, links that seem to provide fixes for the issues mentioned lead to a 404 Error page. I may have overlooked something (wouldn’t put it passed me, really). I also haven’t made a VR game (one of the links mentioned VR); my game is just a simple horror walking sim, if you will, to demonstrate whether sound aids with the immersion of horror games. I didn’t even know I had such a plugin and I haven’t found it in my file explorer. Would that be the issue? If so, how would I go about disabling OVR, or whatever it is? My game isn’t VR based, so why the engine is trying to integrate it, I have no idea.

Sorry if I sound daft.

EDIT: I did some digging and found a topic here that was very similar to mine.

“Can someone please help me troubleshoot this Packaging Failed message log?” thread

Their project doesn’t utilise Oculus, yet it’s throwing that error. Unfortunately, the thread never got responded to, so I’m back to square one.

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Okay, so I decided to go into Edit->Plugins, searched for VR in the search box and disabled OculusVR. I tried to package again and it was a failure yet again. Checked the log, filtered out the Messages and saw these:

LogMagicLeap: Warning: VR disabled because ZI is not enabled. To enable, in the editor, Edit → Project Settings → Plugins → Magic Leap Plugin → Enable Zero Iteration
PackagingResults: Error: Unable to compile source files.
PackagingResults: Error: Unknown Error
LogStaticLightingSystem: Warning: No importance volume found, so the scene bounding box was used. You can optimize your scene’s quality and lighting build times by adding importance volumes.
PackagingResults: Error: Unable to compile source files.
PackagingResults: Error: Unknown Error

What does all of this mean and how do I rectify it?