I have two questions about Levels

How would one go about making multiple Levels or missions as they can be called?

Second Question is How would one go about making a menu button take them to a place where they can view a showcased model? Kind of like a level but of course not traditionally. Think of it like being able to view characters in Arkham Knight

The answer to first question

Simple level transition.
Second one I interpreted as player stats well I hope U will improvise

I’d like to thank you very much, .

However, the second question is not about character stats, but something like this

viewing models as a gallery thing.

create matinee sequence for each character then follow

another useful post

Couldn’t I also just have a matinee sequence autoplay when I load a new map after pressing a main menu button?

yes U can if U want so

Thank you so much, . You are extremely helpful!

no problem bro :slight_smile: