I have scoured the internet but cannot find any resources helping me on replicate Klas' impressive technique of creating drivable solid boxes using raycast as springs.

Even though I’m a software engineer and capable of understand CPP and compiling Unreal, I’m a complete newbie in Unreal’s gamedev world. I have no experience in raycast spring and have only worked on browser UI and server-side projects for the past 20 years.

Despite completing Unreal courses and acing the Collectables tutorial, blueprint, and point grinding, I’m at a loss when it comes to creating a drivable thing. The realistic structure of the Chaos Vehicle template doesn’t match the direction I’m headed in.

As I track on developing arcade racing games, I find myself struggling with so many tutorials that emphasise third/first person perspectives, causing me to feel hopeless.

Klas’ video: Unreal Engine - Arcade car physics - YouTube

Hello oVerde, Welcome to the Forums.

It looks like this marketplace pack has an implementation of a raycast vehicle system. It could be a good starting-point.