I have problem with certain textures behaving in weird way.

I tryed to make simple blood texture but it works weird.

In it’s asset viewport it looks like it should.

But inassets it’s all red, and materials that I made with it are also all red making it ussles for me.

It happens to me for the first time . Do I miss something about textures or what ?

Did you put it in a material? I think you’ll need to create a material, use it in a texture sample in the material graph, and connect that to base color. It might also require using masked blend mode for it to render the alpha as transparent.

Can you show us your material setup?

Here, it fills all with red.


I don’t know what masked blend mode is.

Masked is under the Blend Mode rollout in the left panel of your screenshot.

You should really go through the beginner courses on the learning portal.

you dont have any opacity setup…

set it up as a translucent material.

however, i think what you really want are defferred decals…

I just want it to be transparent, not full red. Where do I make mistake ? I imported textures with alpha channels before, what makes this one behave like this ?

There’s nothing wrong with the texture, you just haven’t set it up right in your material
Check this out: