I have a throwable camera that attaches to a surface, but does not move with the surface [4-27]

long story short is, i have a throwable camera that the player can possess to look through that sticks to a specific wall. i attach the camera to the wall on contact through script however, the camera still doesn’t move when the wall moves. they’re even attached in the world outliner so I’m really not sure how I can go about figuring this one out

Could you show the blueprint?

here u go sorry

When the wall moves, are you moving the component or the actor?

im moving an actor.

this is the blueprint for the button

I have tested my button with standard primitives and it has worked fine. i don’t know why it doesn’t like the camera specifically

Can you please share the hierarchy of the wall blueprint?


I managed to reproduce the issue. Your problem is that you have two simulated components (“Ballmesh” & “CapsuleComponent”). When attaching actors, only the root component should be simulating. So basically, your capsule component is attached & moving, but your mesh isn’t.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooo i seeeeeeeee. just to ask what did u do to fix that again? my brain is being extremely slow today

Only set your root component (which I’m guessing yours is CapsuleComponent) to simulating; don’t simulate any of its children.

What happens is the child disconnects from the root, so it floats in the air. Proof is that if you attach the child back to the root, it also fixes it:

yeee i just did that aswell, but now I’ve run into the issue where my ball just bugs through the wall and ends up on top of my map

I think it’s because your attach is set to “Snap to Target.” Try “Keep World” instead.

yeees u were right tysm. now again cos its game development there’s ANOTHER issue xD. whenever I possess my camera, physics is enabled again and it falls to the floor. anything that comes to mind as to why that might be happening?

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Can you show the possess code and the hierarchy for the throwable camera?

here, apologies its very messy, i have to be able to swap between the camera and the player.

It looks like it inherits from the character class. That probably explains why it’s falling. I would make it a pawn instead (that’s what I used and was able to get it to attach & possess without falling); characters are meant for walking characters.

ah yeee makes sense. i actually used to have it as a pawn but then I think I ran into issues and made it a character. ill make it to a pawn now and see how things go. honestly tysm for the help uve been a god send

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Try this and see if it helps:

  • StickCam Actor:


Edit with a little update.


hey i dont know if ull see this again. but iv got everything set up, but now I don’t have mouse input for my camera? any ideas?

You use your mouse input axis to update the control rotation. You can then tell the camera component or the actor to follow this rotation. This is how my whole camera blueprint looks:

Also, you should do what @pezzott1 did and put the attach code in the throwable camera; this will allow it to stick to everything instead of just the door (unless that’s what you want).