I have a problem


I have a problem. The problem: I created a pause menu and its working fine. But if I return to Main Menu and then press start game in the main menu. I cant move my character? Why? Sorry for my bad english

So it works the first time? If the main menu is the starting screen, you can press start game and move the character. But if you then bring up the pause menu, go back to main and press start it no longer works?
How are you possessing the character, is it already placed in the level when the level starts or is it spawned during runtime?

Thanks for your answer. Yes it works the first time. The character is already placed.

Start game from Main Menu -> ingame and I press the pause key - pause menu comes up - click exit -> im in main menu -> Start game from Main Menu -> ingame I cant move my character

Are these different levels? The main menu is one level, then you load a ‘game’ level? Or is it just one level.
It kind of sounds like you’re unpossessing the character but then don’t re-possess it or something.

No not one level. Two different levels.

Then I can’t even speculate since I have not yet played around with having different levels. Someone else will have to chime in.

I think this thread can help you:

No that’s not help. Sorry. I tried that.

I think your problems is due to something related to get player controller, basicly at some point you forget to redirect the control back to your character, Im not an expert but I’ve done some tests with widgets menus so let me search in my projects and I will try to help you with some captures:

EDIT 1: Try this:

at the main menu blueprint create an start button event and then link that to the functions that makes exit the menu and return player controllers just like this:


green one says: get player controller (sorry its in spanish)

What do you mean with “Disable virtual cursor”?