I have a problem with the skylight


I don’t understand why when i put a stationnary skylight if I put the value to zero i always see the light.

First exemple with baked skylight (set to 1) and movable sun (set to 6) :

Second exemple with skylight set to zero and sun set to zero (i bake the skylight with 1 on value, but the description says i can change the intensity) :

I don’t understand something ? Because the movable skylight is just horrible… the cast shadow doesn’t work with me with the movable skylight. (i don’t know if it is normal or not)

But with movable skylight, i can set the value to zero and have a dark scene.

Thanks for you help. (and sorry, my english is not good :x)

If you build lighting with for example intensity 1 and you don’t like how it looks and decide to change it to intensity 0 you need to rebuild lighting again otherwise it won’t work and some objects will stay lit.

Hum, i just tried with the 4.10 UEngine, and it is work… but no with the 4.12 UEngine.

I Bake with value to one, i put to zero without bake, and is ok.

I found, it is a problem with sphere reflection, when i click on “update” is work too in UE4.12.

But i don’t know if i can update this in game or if the problem exist when i’m in the standalone, i don’t try.

But for me, it is a bug. (because is work well on 4.10 and not on 4.12)