I have a problem with Add Local Rotation


This is what I have worked so far. I am working on making a plane controlled by xbox controller.
I used X axis input to rotate the plane in X and Z axis value so that it can turn left and right.
I want to make it so that when you let go of the joystick, (so the axis value would be 0) the plane resets it’s x rotation. (like an auto gyro sensor on a plane.)

It works OK, but if you turn left or right several times, the rotation does not come back to 0, instead it’s a little bit tilted.

The blueprint is used in a Pawn.

Can anyone think of a solution please?

P.S. The forward float variable is added local offset to make plane move forward

Rather than trying to do all this in one graph, setup tick so that it -tries- to correct the rotation back to zero ( a very slow finterp ), and the make this graph just add rotation in a more simple way.

Something like:

I’ve tried it out on testpawn, and it worked very well. I’ll try it on my plane pawn.

This helped alot. Thank you so much.

It worked perfectly. Thank you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!