I have a cruel dought

**Hi guys, I’m having trouble in packing.
I’m new to UE, so I don’t know if this print will be enough.

I saw something with a simillar error, the solution was “Fixed: it was an Actor Component that was working in PIE but failed to built. Deleting Intermediate and binaries files and recompiling all the blueprints of the project fixed the issue.” this one. I don’t know how to delete and what are binaries. How can I fix that? Is that the solution? I can find the intermediate folder inside the project one, I tried to delete it, it didn’t solve it. I am migrating everything from that level into a new project and am recompiling everything.

I am really sorry to post this here, I tried to do it in question hub but I don’t have enough reputation(?), and don’t know how to get some. **