i hate this errors in ue4 lightmaps [lighting]

after 5 years working with ue4 i dont know how to solve this bad lighting and ue4 errors

why we cant have new rendering and baking system in ue4 dont depend on lightmaps like unigine :mad:

3ds max lightmaps

auto generated lightmaps

That’s very sad indeed ;/ Are your skirting board going thought the wall or is it snapping with the wall’s edge? And also, how’s your modeling method in thermes of wall thickness? Using edge extrusion or using boxes?

I think you have to leave two texels between uv and the outline with 3ds max
Example uv in 254x254 for 256x256 lightmap resolution

[USER=“922965”]Julian Vinet[/USER], That was supposed to be addressed in 4.23.

I personally use Luoshuang’s GPULightmass instead of Lightmass.

Well, not if you manually create lightmap UVs in other tools - you still need to calculate it as 254x254.

For the light leaking from the auto generated UVs:
Either set lightmap resolution to at least 2x of min lightmap resolution:
Or set MappingSurfaceCacheDownsampleFactor=1 in BaseLightmass.ini (increase build time)

this is revit model that imported to 3ds max