I get ugly squares when i apply a material to a landscape?

Any ideas what can cause such a thing? Obviously my texture seems to be a little bit “off” and to small. How can i sizing it up?

Basicly i want to use this material as the basic material for my landscape and than paint later or blend it with some other materials. But that only will work if i dont get these ugly squares :).

Here are two screenshot:

I appreciate any advice! thank you! :slight_smile:

You have to create a seamless texture ->

Size: Just add a landscape coord in your material - connect it with the UV from the texture sample - change the size in the properties. Also take a look at the grass material from the starter content -> there it was solved with adding variation to the material :slight_smile:

Hey fighter5347!

Thanks for the youtube link! :slight_smile:

I´ve already solved the problem, by (like you also said) creating a landscape coord in my material editor and also by blending more textures together.

Its looks now like this:


which is perfectly fine.

Thanks alot for your response! :slight_smile: