I feel like Andy Dufresne from Shawshank redemption.

You know that scene where Andy writes a letter every week and asks the warden to send it to raise funding and get books for the inmates, yea thats how i feel. I have been writing to Epic every other month for the following:

  • Epic some of us are still using Forward rendering.

1 - please, please! allow us to have modulated Decals in Forward rendering. Its not asking too much I hope, all we want to do is leave explosion decals on screen like its been done forever but we can’t right now.

2 - please, with sugar on top, let us have root motion in actor class! We don’t want to load character classes onto countless units on screen just to enable root motion when we are not using 90% of character class functionality and don’t need it.

3 - please fix motion blur arifacts in forward rendering.

4 - please give us an option to have fake soft shadows on unlit objects in forward.

5 - Please we need a mass renaming tool to rename multiple objects in our projects.

First two are most important though I can’t stress enough how much!

I will write another letter next month and more for the next 2 years, I hope you will address some of these concerns before we finish our game.

Thank you.

Just a quick question on this. What do you mean “still using”? Is not Forward rendering a new feature in Unreal Engine? And a feature that is basically required for VR, which is still a new and emerging area of graphics rendering?

I would like to open your eyes, Epic Games care only about what their games needs. They dont care that much what you as an indie dev wants, needs etc inside UE4. Your gotta learn to work out of the box to get what you want. Its the sad and difficult truth.

Forward rendering is actually old technique in the world of realtime rendering, isnt it?

I meant it as a tongue cheek thing knowing all the fuss happening now with raytracing, forward rendering is in fact very important and possibly the only method in ue to achieve sharp image and no artifacts with fast moving objects as well as image quality due to msaa.

yes i know we already use a million out of the box techniques to get what we want but we have hit tge dirt with some of the above mentioned points as it requires entire rewrites of portions from source code and muktiple follow up updates we simply cannot afford. Its a shame. If they can only give a bit of attebtion here instead of raytracing which we wobt use half of in its current state.