I don't understand this lighting stuff.

Why is it, I can load a mesh in the little mesh preview window and it shows perfect shadows and lighting, instantly. Once I load it into my scene, however, all shadows are black blobs. I have used several different types of light sources, changed the quality to low, high, production, rebuilt, rebuilt and rebuilt again. Set to Static, Dynamic and that third option (forgot the name). I’ve put in a Light Importance Volume, and still nothing seems to make my shadows work correctly. (Image upload does not work for me, links below.)


And finally the desired result.

I don’t need my shadows to be dynamic, static is fine. But it would be nice if I could get both styles working, at that level of detail.

You need to increase the lightmap resolution of the Shadow Receiver, i.e. the Static Lighting Resolution of the Landscape.
Set it up to 32. Beware that it will increase your light build times by a multiple of 32 then.

I give you the advice that you should not bake lighting for large terrains. Set your lighting to dynamic instead

Beautiful, thank you.

can you set lighting on tress to dynamic will other objects in the same can be baked? Asking since I do interiors and exteriors and sometimes I add lots of tress and baking takes forever

Most of the time you’ll want to do a mix of baked and dynamic when doing exteriors. Things like large landscapes, trees, grass, etc, shouldn’t be baked most of the time.