I Don't Know How to Add A Controller After the Map is Made

Hello, I have a lot of questions, but I will stick with the most important one first. I am making a maze game for the HTC Vive, and whenever I click play, it brings me to the player start, or the camera with a red arrow. When I click space, it teleports me into the ground, and won’t let me teleport again. I tried "Play this as a mobile Device, and the same thing keeps happening. Then I realized that in the beginning, I went into “VitualRealityBP”, then “Maps”, and selected “HMD Locomotion Map”, and in the original template, that was the one without controllers. I just now went into blueprints and dragged in 2 Motion Controllers, and the same thing is happening. I do not yet have the Vive, so I can not test it, and I need it done by this Wednesday, April 19, 2017. I would really appreciate any help at all, and If the game goes professional, I will include your account in the credits if your answer helps me.
Thank you so much for your answers!