I created a script and now i can't open my project

I created a script in ue4 in my project, also changed the name project in settings. Now i cant open the game i get the error the following modules are missing or built with a different engine version: UE4Editor-NAME.dll

would you like to rebuild them now?

i click yes and it says could not be compiled try rebuilding from source manually.

Please HELP!

I am assuming that you wrote some custom c++ code and that it has some bugs in it.

For every Unreal project, there is a ProjectName.uproject file. Open this file in a text editor and look for a section named module. In the section module, look for your c++ project name and remove it. When you are making changes to your .uproject file, take extra precautions to get the names, syntax and format right.

In your project directory, look for the folder named ‘source’ . This folder contains your custom c++ code. Move this folder out of your Unreal Project folder, to a safe place. Now try starting the project, see if it starts. Now you can open your project and separately, you can look at your code and see if you made any mistakes in your code.

Once you are confident, you can move your custom c++ code folder back under ‘Source’ and put the name in the module section and try opening it again. See if it compiles.

Hope this helps.