I can't use Visual Studio

I have wasted the whole day installing non-valid Visual Studio versions , till I got 2013 version downloaded from the UE editor.

I have waited for hours to end the installation and when I finish, i try to create a C++ class from UE4 but VS tells me that the license has expired.

What am I supposed to do to start working with it?

I’m very frustrated, already wasted over 7 hours to get to this dead end:

You can see here it says that license has expired. But I just installed it, how can it happen?

I really am not happy about it. Why Am I forced to code using this piece of software that is bloated and gigantic (for Christ sake…, 11GB!).

I want to avoid it at all costs , can I use anything else?
I’m used to FlashDevelop which runs amazingly fast and well.
If i can’t avoid VS, please tell me how to proceed. I am stuck here.
I want to code in C++ without any issues, please, help.

Welcome to the life of a developer :slight_smile: you’re not the first and definitly not the last to go through this, getting your development environment up and running isn’t always clear cut.

Is that version the community edition, if so then its possible that your registrys are all messed up.

You can also reduce the size of your installation of VS by choosing a custom install before the installation, you only really need the C++ related material for what you’ll be doing in UE unless you’re into doing some build system mechanics.

Have you followed the UE quick start guide?

I dont think FlashDevelop can be used for UE development, correct me if im wrong. In any case you should welcome Visual Studio, its honestly an amazing IDE especially when paired with visual assist X.

Hi there that isn’t working.

I did install Visual Studio Express 2015, which was the version before. Then installed this one. Im going to uninstall 2013 and restore to a previous windows point. Im sure that should work if the problem has to do with registry keys.

unreal engine does not support 2015 yet.

update I just checked and its still not officially supported from what I could tell…im guessing that until its in a more concrete version it should still be considered as beta.

I ended up spending 4 hours to uninstall every component from visual studio 2015 and then triying to fix 2013.

But still doesnt work. Now, in fact I tried FIXING but instead it BROKE the whole thing . so it doesn’t even start now!
I have been using PC computers 18 years. I did install Visual Studio 5 back in the day , and it was the same crap. Bloatware like IIS server. I was coding Visual Basic for ***** sake!

Why do you want to put Unreal Engine into its worst possible path by forcing us to install (and try to use) this massive piece of code full of useless crap such SQL server?

Internet is full of complaints of people having to do crazy things to install VS properly. And most of them, having to go through formating C drive. This is all very stupid. This is too much time wasted.

I will not waste much more time in this. I might to format my PC (which was working perfectly, not bloated with crapware) and move to Unity instead with Mono. that is 300Mb (not 11GB)
If I was able to code using my own environment I would be happy with VS is a no no.

I feel really disappointed. I have a massive project with 10 people that was well suited to UE, till this happened.

I can’t believe this kind of thing is still happening in 2015.

Hello KaleidoGames,

If you are having problems installing Visual Studio, I would suggest speaking to Microsoft support as we do not support the program itself, only its integration with UE4. If you are having problems that are related to how Visual Studio is interacting with UE4 however, please post any error messages that you are given and we will be glad to attempt to help.

@Daniel We do currently support Visual Studio 2015 in 4.10 previews and it is available to be used in 4.9 versions if you are using source code and use the -2015 argument when generating project files. You can find more information and updates in the future here: UE4 and Visual Studio 2015 - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums

nice thanks for the info.