I can't see inside a house

Hi. I’m making a game inside a house. You can see outside the sky and it’s dark but here comes my problem. How can I see in the dark without using a lot of point lights? Also I don’t like point lights because they are brighter at their place point. I just want to make the room brighter. I have some places where I’m using point lights for a lamp but this only to “simulate” that outside is dark. I’m using only PPV with Lut table and vignette and sky sphere.
I’ve tried using SkyLight with cubemap but it’s changing my scene so my PPV it’s not efficient anymore. Also when I’m using cubemap on a samsung tab 3 the scene is very dark and on a samsung galaxy 8 it’s very bright ( I’m making this game for mobiles )
First image is how it looks like now and second using a point light inside a room how I would want to look like, but using this, in the middle of the room you can see that the light is brighter and in the corners I can’t see anymore ( in the dark places I have objects to interact with and I can’t see them ).

What can I do to make the scene darker. Thank you!
Also, without opening a new thread, do PPV affect performance on mobiles? I only use Lut table and viggnete intensity. Thank you!

@butavpaul Actually most people wouldn’t notice the point light. But what about ?

Thank you! I’ll try it!