I cant Push Changes on my maps(faild to upload project)

Hi guys, in every project i create, when i want to push changes i get this error, pls help i cant create any maps for this error :frowning:

Hello @T.FAMILYT in the editor please:

  • Click Launch Session
  • Encounter the error
  • Click Help → Report Issue
  • Send me the zipped files


بارگذاری uefn-attachments-2023.04.04-23.13.23.zip…
Tnx for help, i have another problem with this. When I make the smallest change on the landscape, it gives this error. Or this error:

I didn’t use any illegal assets and only painted asphalt, even now that I deleted it, it still gives this error.

I’d need to see the full error message to help @T.FAMILYT

hey dear, Did you not find a way to push my changes? My problem was that when I was doing push changes, I got this error. This error is in all my projects…
بارگذاری Screenshot 2023-04-25 004332.png…