I can't program on C++


I’m following the tutoriel on the Youtube channel for programming.
I have a big problem :


I have all the time a problem like this and I have C/C the source file of the tutoriel. How can I solve this? And the best is, when I try to just create a class I have this bug.
I have try to uninstall UE4, reboot my PC, set up a new version of Windows and I have this problem.

Please help me, thanks a lot.

Hi ,

Does the error you show in the image prevent you from being able to build your project? It looks like an Intellisense error, and Intellisense will sometimes indicate errors where there actually are none.

Just try building it. Like @ has said, this error might be coming from intellisense. Intellisense seems to perform better after a build is completed. So just go ahead and build the project.

Do you, by any , have an accent in one of the folders to get to your project? (ex. é, è, à, ê…) Visual Studio doesn’t play along very well with them.

For me, he wouldn’t find any .h files (even windows.h!) because of an “é”.


I already have build my project and I have any acent on my projects…

*I don’t have any accent

If your build succeeded, then there is nothing to worry about. Intellisense is known to have some issues or delays with UE4 projects. As long your builds are passing, you have nothing to worry about.