I cant open projects in C++

Hi , my problem is that i cant create , open or compile any C++ project with my unreal engine. the error that the epic game launcher gives me is this:Missing Project… The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:UE4Editor-MyProject.dll
Would you like to rebuild them now?

i press yes and it gives me this :MyProject could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.
i press ok but i dont know what to do next.

Also when i start a new project in C++ , it gives me this: No compiler found.You must download Visual Studio 2015.
But i saw in your foroum that VS2015 doesnt support UE4.10 so i downloaded and installed VS2013.

Why UE4 doesnt compile projects with VS2013 and it needs 2015?

Can anyone help me please?

I opened MyProject in vs2013 and compiled the project. It said that it succeeded with no errors.

Then i try to reopen it in UE4 and it gives me again to rebuild it manually from source

Any ideas?

Oh , when i compiled it in vs2013 , before it says succeeded , it says that Win32 is not a supported platform for MyProject_Editor. Valid platforms are Win64, Mac, Linux. But my OS is 64bit.


In order to use version 4.10, you’ll need to have Visual Studio 2015 installed. You can find it here: Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux

Also, ensure that during the installation, you enable the C++ and Common Tools options, as shown in this post http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vcblog/archive/2015/07/24/setup-changes-in-visual-studio-2015-affecting-c-developers.aspx

Also, as far as the error you are seeing regarding Win32, ensure that your Build Platform in Visual Studio is set to Win64, not Win32. Here is an image of what I am referring to:

Have a great day

Thanks for your help and your time to answer me!! I will try this:)