I can't make leap motionable project

i’m using ue4.8.2

i tried to use leap motion with ue4 so i searched tutorial below address

but I cn’t see leap motion hand and also the input command like ‘Leap left grab’ doesn’t work

i checked plugin enabled, default pawn class , playercontrollerclass , gameMode override

but it doesn’t work

i don’t think my leap motion device and plugin file have problems because

i downloaded some full setting projects and they works well

just project made by me doesn’t work

please tell me right way to make leap motion project

Ive had a lot of problems with leap motion in unreal too. I gave up months ago because i realized they werent making anything new for unreal and theyre assets are horrible compared to the awesome stuff they make for unity. From your post i see that your using the unnoficial version of the plugin. There is an official one you can get from unreal github but you have to build the engine from source for that. Anyway, what version of the plugin is it? i tried this on Unreal 4.6 and had no issues whatsoever. When you look down is your character orange instead of blue?(if so your doing something right, if not, then your settings you listed up top are wrong). Also, i know in unreal some of the values for it get mixed up with the z and y axis. You might have to try to use it in a different direction.

i installed 4.8 plugin and

ue4.7 - leapmotion plugin pair too

but both of them doesn’t work

Just to clarify, you set the default pawn class to leap rigid character? the player controller class to VRPlayerController? did you create your own game mode with the same settings and set the default game mode to that game mode? are you getting any errors? and IS your character orange?

I’m a beginner, and i’m trying tu use leap motion with the same getnamo tutorial. I’m having some problems too. Don’t know if is working for you now, but i can’t understand how to grab objects.

The plugin is working for the current Unreal version, I’m using the leapLowPlyHand blueprint in getnamo plugin, and i figured out how to move objects, (setting the collision preset for both hands) but i don’t understand how to grab objects!
I can’t find a tutorial for beginners (with the full process explained) for grabbing objects or others things like that.

Can anybody help me?
Thank you a lot in advance.