I can't make any include in my class

I’m trying to learn more about UE4, but I’m stuck in beginning with some errors:
If I try to make any include in the header of my class, the GENERATED_BODY shows an error, permanently, just writing “#include”, done, broke forever, I tried to make the include above another includes, at the end, on the middle, nothing work, researching on Google, A lot of people have the same problem, but there is no one solution.

Another problem, if I create a class as public, the .cpp go to one folder and .h to another, and the VS can’t find the header.

I’m trying to follow a lot of tutorials, but I can’t make any progress, right now I’m like a 2 months trying to do something and I can’t get off zero.

I need some help, I really want to know how to use UE4.