I can't make an imported object with texture opaque

I am having lots of fun learning new things in UE4, the thing that has got me stumped today is opacity.

I have created a stained-glass window in Blender, made it 0.1 Alpha so its see-through, then put a 70% opaque texture on it in Photoshop CS and saved it as a PNG file.

I imported it all successfully into UE4, it looks see-through when I look at the sun, but when I ‘Build’ it turns solid and I can no longer see light through it.

Is there an option that needs ticking somewhere please?

I just watched the tutorial on Transparency which is fine, I can make the object transparent but then the texture is removed - it seems only one or the other can exist on the object. :s

edit2- OMG I did it!!! Yee haa :slight_smile: I just followed the tutorial but instead of adding it all to an object, I added it to the texture PNG I was using for the object and its now translucent!!!