I can't install Unreal Datasmith exporter for 3ds MAX 4.26

When I install Unreal Datasmith exporter for 3ds MAX 4.26, I have an error message “The older version of unreal Datasmith Exporter for 3ds Max cannot be removed”

The solution I have tried:
1, I have deleted all the Datasmith exporter in Apps.
2, I have deleted and reinstall 3ds MAX, and delete all folders related to MAX.
3, I have deleted everything that contains "Unreal Datasmith exporter " in Registry Editor.
4, I have searched and deleted everything with "Unreal Datasmith exporter " on my computer.

But the issue is still there. what should I do if I don’t want to reinstall my computer system (windows 10 64 bit.).

Please help, Thank you all.

I have the same exact problem, it is really really frustrating and time-consuming. Did you find a way around it?

It’s probably in the Plugins folder in your 3ds Max installation directory, take a look there and see if you can find it and just delete it that way

I have been trying to solve this problem for half a year now. But I never found a solution. I think I need to reinstall the system.

Hello I have tried to install it in 3d max 2021 and it is impossible. help.

Did you try to redownload the msi?
Have you tried to remove the existing exporter plugin first?

Alternatively can you run in command line msiexec /i “UnrealDatasmithMaxExporter_4_26_2.msi” /l*vx install.log and share the install.log with us.


I have the same problem. I run the command line and a pop window appears with the text: "This installation package cannot be opened. Check that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.

Hello GuiLToma,

Obvious question but do you have the msi file in the path you are running this command? Could there be a mistake in the spelling of the file name? The error message implies that it did not find the msi.

Did you try to just plainly run the msi first? I recommended to run from command line as a mean to get the install.log file and more details on while the installation was failing.

Similar issue here. I have downloaded the “UnrealDatasmithMaxExporter_4_26_2.msi” multiple times now. I am not running it through the command line but when double clicking this file it runs through the initial process (user agreement, select your version of max, do you want 62ab3bb5.msi to make changes). Then it is looking for “UnrealDatasmithMaxExporter.msi”. Instillation stops at this point.
Not sure if that is a file the msi creates or what. I don’t recall having this issue with a previous install on another machine. Any positive direction is appreciated.