I Can't Grip Anything Plz Help.

Ok so I recently got the VR Expansion plug in because I needed the room scale collisions to make it so the player couldn’t stick their head through walls or walk through walls with thumb stick locomotion. I tried to learn their gripping mechanic but was overwhelmed by the amount of understanding of blueprints are needed (I’m fairly new to unreal). The original pawn and actor for the VR template in UE4 works fine but in the plug in’s VR Character I just copied the code from the template’s and used that code which is the Pick Up Actor interface.

And while your here I also need help with my gun issue. I just want to be able to pick up a gun and shoot it.The gun has animations so it’s a skeletal mesh but when I added physics to it the entire thing just fell apart. Is there a way I can make it stay together with physics being added to it as a whole?

Sorry if I missed something or maybe I’m just being stupid but I’m new to this whole game dev thing and I want to learn but I just don’t know where to look. I’ve scoured youtube for things but I can’t ever seem to find an answer I’m looking for. Any help would be great! If you need help clarifying things or need images I’ll be happy to send some. If you want to see what I’ve been working on here is my youtube channel! I’m new to everything so I’m pretty small but am really excited!

Anyways thanks for checking this thread out, have a good day.

This has something to do with the skeletal mesh’s physics asset. I have a handful of gun models, and a few of them do this, while the others work as expected. I actually didn’t fix it myself, but maybe compare the physics asset of your weapon with some of the free gun models included with the Epic launcher.

If you copied the template character over, you also need to copy the config file entries for the custom trace channel and the gameplay tags. The example character uses gameplay tags to change button mappings on any object so that people can test different setups while in the example map (and so I can iterate over features faster), if you port the character without importing those tags first then the tag checks will all fail and it won’t grip. Generally in a final game the tag usage here wouldn’t be needed.

The trace channel can just be changed to any normal trace channel, there is a custom one because it is often useful to have a channel specific to gripping that an actor or component can choose to ignore or accept.

I gotta be honest I understood like 25% of what you just said. But I’ll do some research and try to figure it out. Thanks for helping me!

Ok I’ll look into that tonight. Thanks a lot for replying.