I cant get the variables to return after widget

I checked a lot of tutorials and questions posted on this website and tried most of them, but I cannot get the widget to return the value of the boolean variable

Here I want the widget to run and return the processed value of ‘destroy’ variable from the widget.
The value gets changed in widget, I have confirmed that part.
please, somebody, tell me what I am doing wrong asap
thank you
PS: I am very new to unreal so explain to me if I were 5

i would guess that your issue here is that you are destroying the widget before trying to get the value stored within it. what i would do is to set a reference to the actor that created the widget within the widget then before you destroy the widget you can set a variable in the actor or call an event. of course this would be if you werent working in the level bp. i would suggest another method but im not sure what your aim here is or what your blueprints are meant to accomplish since i only have access to a small snippet.

explain to me if I were 5

if you were 5 my reply would be that your in over your head and should go back to watching sesame street. though judging by your name maybe you are just a kid.