I can't get rid of jagged shadows

I am modeling an interior scene as a showcase, but I keep getting these jagged shadows after light building.

The floor and wall are made of boxes with no bottom face. The UV layout is one big island and the light map resolution is set to 512. The lines appear even when I build on ‘production’ setting. What else is there to look when faced with these artifacts?

more mesh details:

Don’t be afraid to use larger light maps if they are needed, 1024 or 2048 but be necessary for this scene.

If you use area lights or softer lighting, you’ll get softer shadows and can get away with lower resolution light maps.

I used 1024 and didn’t notice any difference. where do i find area lights in the editor?

I also prefer to still use spot lights as they provide more control. is there anything else i should look at to find a fix?

You have to increase the radius or length of a light to get an area light.

thanks ZacD
I used a radius of 40 and the shadows look better now, though not perfect. The radius blurred the jagged lines and made them appear smooth. some artifacts were there but I imagine they’d disappear with a bigger light radius


this makes me wonder though, this seems like a quick fix. what would i do if i wanted sharp shadows?

try to increase r.Shadow.TexelsPerPixel to > 2