I can't get my Anim Montage to play (Video)

The Anim Montage only plays the Particle notify but not the animation.
I feel as though it is something with the Anim blueprint but I don’t know.

As a side note, whenever I start to do anything with animations in the editor it gets VERY unstable, often crashing on startup and compile. Is that normal?

In order for your montage to play it must be given a slot name and the slot must contribute to your final pose in the blueprint animation.
Go back to your montage and give it a slot name like “FullBody”.

In your blueprint anim simply put a slot named FullBody after your state machine.

Send your state machine through the slot.
Anim montage should play.

Of course double check all of your parameters you’re using. (Make sure you are using the right section).

Good Luck!

Worked Perfectly Thanks :slight_smile: