I can't figure out how to replicate actors properly

I have a system where players are a camera inside of a sphere that can move lateraly and up and down

I have two maps, Main_Menu and Gameplay_Map

on the Main_Menu, players have access to a widget where they can choose to host a game, or join a game

when they click on host, it create a session and open the Gameplay_Map

when they click on the join button, it searches a session on the lan, then joins it

On my gameplay_map, I have an actor wich is basically a text render, it displays a new random integer between 1 and 1000 at construct and everytime a player presses space (to check if both players are on the same map)

The problem is, when I play with 2 players, host a game with one, then join with the other, the host moves on both players screens (normal), but the joiner doesn’t move on the host’s screen

Plus, the random number text render can be changed by both players by pressing space, but never matches between the 2 player screens

I have both my random number text render and my player pawn with the “always relevant”, “replicate movement”, “net load on client”, and “replicates” checkboxes on true, and every single of their component have “component replicates” on true, I’ve also tried other combinations of replication rules, but none of them works

Has I don’t use a dedicated server, one of my 2 players is both client and server, but the result is the same wether the player that hosts is the client only or the client/server

Whenever I check a tutorial, the person just does the same thing as me, and it works for them

I really don’t know how this is supposed to work, as I have absolutely everything I want to replicate have the “replicates” rule applied, but still doesn’t replicate, can somebody help me?