I cant change the landscape resolution

Hello! I was hoping someone could help me. I have a very complex project going on and i realized i need a higher landscape resolution. I’ve searched everywhere and a lot of people get an options for their landscape i cant really find anywhere. So i dont know if its something im doing wrong th i dont know. Anyways that’s pretty much it, i need to urgently change the landscape resolution and i can’t really do it. I will post a screenshot.

Any help its really appreciated.

Hi, you change the landscape resolution by reducing its X and Y scale. I would be careful doing this though since it might/will have an impact on performance. So if you want to have a landscape with a size of 512m by 512m with double resolution, then you would start with a landscape of 1024m by 1024m and then downscale it by 0.5 to 512m to 512m.

If you have an already existing landscape, then you can increase its resolution (by exporting the heightmap increasing its resolution then importing it again and downscaling the landscape in X and Y), but of course you cannot increase the current information content and since you use landscape layers it might be more complicated to export and import the heightmap.

Hello! Thanks for the answer, do you suggest i eliminate the layers? Or at least the layer with the road, and then export, change the resolution, and import the landscape again?