I can´t atach a object to socket on VR

Hello, I’ve been trying to find a solution for this for several days but I can’t find anything, I hope you can help me.

I’m trying to grab an object from the stage and assign it to a socket, but despite having the socket created and renaming, or moving it, the object is grabbed, but by hand, not the socket. I think I am missing code, or in this latest version it does not work, because I tried an Unreal project called darts!, in which I modified the sockets and if it identified them, I do not understand that I am missing or what I am doing wrong.

I follow the “Oculus VR Production for Unreal Engine” guide, in https://learn.unrealengine.com and downloading his project does allow me to attach to sockets, so I don’t understand what I’m missing…

Thanks in advance, I leave you screenshots.

I managed to solve it, the problem is in a function of the BP_MOTION CONTROLLER. More specifically, in the grabActor function, it is using the motion controller as an object for grabbing, instead of the mesh of the hand, so we must replace it with the mesh of the hand and that works.

Hope this helps, it took me a long time going through everything and couldn’t find any answers.

All the best.