I can add my custom ActorComponent, but cannot access my UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable) functions in a blueprint

So I’m still pretty new UE, but I’m trying to write an additional module that will only be run when I’m running the game from the editor.

I want to be able to record a pose in VR to use as an asset (or how you want to call it), and then use that later to compare against if a player can approximate that pose.

For this I’ve created an editor only module, which seems to be loading just fine. In this module I’ve created a UCLASS(meta=(BlueprintSpawnableComponent)), which I can add to my VRActor, but when I try to add any of the UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable) methods in the blueprint for my VRActor, I cannot find them.

When I try to create a similar class in my primary game module, I can locate the methods, but not in my editor module.

The reason for wanting the separate module is for my primary module not needing to depend on the editor.

Any suggestions as to do this nicely? or just how to fix my issue.