i applied a single material to several windows , my objective is for each window to glow using the emissive texture but not all at once but one by one .

just like when you have several houses at the both corners of the streets and they begin to turn on the lights from one house to another …one by one

You need to assign the material when the light goes on. So all windows have black ( say ) material, then change the material on window1 to emmisive, delay, change window2, etc…

Like this:

Level BP:


No worries. If you can’t get it working, just come back here…

can you please send a screenshot of the node , i’m learning ue that’s why , really appreciate your help

thank you very much @ClockworkOcean

i was able to make the light on custom event but i got confused after that because i couldn’t find a way to get the target node for the light on called ’ bp from persistent level ’

The first BP shot is of inside the window BP.

The second BP shot ( with the delays ) is in the level BP. You need to click one of your windows in the level, then go to the level BP and right click. Your window will be at the top of the list:


its an application to chat and stuff but its focused towards gaming community .
if you don’t wanna use it is there any other way i can chat with you because i would really appreciate your guidance in unreal engine .

it worked , thank you so much once again…
can i add you in discord ?

Sure, although I have no idea what that really means… :-/

Sorry, branden2016, I’m not really a social media kind of person ( I don’t use it ). But I will catch you on here again :slight_smile:

thats cool

hi , how can i keyframe this event via level sequencer ?

Hi! - like this I think:

i tried and it worked for me with single object , but how to make it work with multiple windows that glows after the first window …so is there a way to keyframe the first window’s glow after that the rest of the windows delay follows without keyframe ?

You could, but it would be easier to do the whole thing in the sequencer. So just keyframe each window :slight_smile: