I am using unreal videos to learn in iMac but some of the vides seems outdated.

I am using unreal Engine 4.8.1 in my iMac. i am following videos to learn I found that some of the videos are outdated to my version and If I try to do as shown on video I can’t do may be because the file I download from system(as mentioned in videos) are not same.

I am referring to 3D person game and blue prints second video.

Please let me know if any useful videos or information page I can refer to.


Unreal’s channel has good videos and while they may have been recorded awhile ago, they are good about updating them with annotations to give you info if something has changed in the newer versions. If you are watching from an hand device then you won’t see the annotations so watch them from your PC.

One other thing to note, some feature names changed so if its an older video it may not have the new name/equivalent feature.

You mean what these tutorials Third Person and Blueprints for v4.8 is outdated?

Yes those videos but also the videos in this playlist:

While some of the videos are older, they are pretty good about putting annotations on the screen when something has changed with the version. So as long as you can see annotations you will see if/when something may have changed. If there are no annotations then it’s pretty safe to assume that the content in the video is still relevant. It’s much easier and cheaper to add an annotation on the screen than it is too re-produce the video content; especially since very few things change on the surface per update.