I am unable to Replicate Look at mouse rotation

My game is of a Topdown view with a movement of is WASD and the character always looks at the mouse.
This works well now when i go multiplayer the server will Replicate to the Client but the client wont change its rotation on its own screen at all… but will rotate on server but always looking at 0x0y0z. rather then the Clients mouse.
i can get it to Rotate on the client but it flickers like it keeps rotating between mouse location and 0x0y0z not sure whats causing there to be 2 differnt things setting it.

if i use Control rotation this works but it screws up my WASD as in when i rotate the controller rotates and then A becomes D and gets all confusing

This is my current Setup… Any help/ideas would be great :slight_smile: i feel like this should be a very simple thing to do. i dont get why its so hard to get working.