I am unable to create multiple image sequences in one project in unreal engine [4-27]

I have followed this tutorial… Play an Image Sequence | Unreal Engine Documentation

and everything worked out. however when I attempt to make a second image sequence to play on a separate plane all it displays is a blank white texture. I have used a different folder in the same directory for my new images and named all media player files separately so there is no confusion. It doesn’t matter what I name these files or what I do as soon as I create my material and apply the image sequence it only displays a blank white texture. If I start a new project I can create the new one in there but I cannot create more then one image sequence in the same project. This is such a bother. I have tried everything I could think of with folder structure and file/material naming conventions tested different image sequences to see if maybe my images were the problem but it really doesn’t seem to make a difference. If I make a second image sequence it simply does not work. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it this has been bothering me for days now and because of it I have made almost no progress with my assignment at all. Thank you so much for trying.