I am losing 12 FPS when I add third texture to landscape material

I hav landscape. I have also material on this landscape, wow. And I use two textures. My game have 44 FPS then. When I add third texture to this material and use this layer in even small area I have 32 FPS then! Is this engine is so wak in optimization?

Do not use fps as measurement. It’s relative. Instead calculate absolute time. (1000/32) - (1000/44) = 8.52ms. So you are losing 8.52ms.
Do those texture have mipmaps? Are those textures compressed? Can you show your material graph? How many layers you have?

MipValueMode is set to None if you mean it. I use textures from starter content (T_Ground_Grass_D, T_Rock_Smooth_Granite_D, T_Rock_Sandstone_D <- this third). When I posted this question it was logical for me that it does not matter but now I know this engine is very lame so I must add that game is on mobile device.

There’s few things that can bring a GPU to it’s knees harder than a highly tiled non-mipmapped texture over a large surface, it has nothing to do with engine. If you don’t use mipmaps, the textures will absolutely destroy the GPU cache when they are seen from a large enough distance.

It seems like MipMapping is not supported on mobile while my material is not rendering with this function.

Mipmapping is definelty supported on mobile.

Is your texture dimensions power of two? Mip mapping (and GPU texture compression) only works with power of two sizes.

I dont know if you realize this but this comment you made fixed a hideous rendering problem I had. Now my game looks silky smooth in the headset :slight_smile: Thanks! Thank the lord for mip maps!